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A Complete Cottage Industry & Teaching Facility Dedicated to the Promotion of the Fiber Arts

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roving.jpg (23667 bytes) Welcome to the Spinning Loft. A full service farm and shop for the fiber artist. We raise Shetland Sheep known for their beautiful colors, fine spinning fleeces and wonderful personalities. You can select from a long list of available classes held weekly for spinning, weaving and locker hooking. You can take part in the Workshop Series offered each year where we import other known fiber artists to provide in depth Saturday workshops, and if you are new to the area of fiber arts we have selected equipment available for you to lease while you learn.

 We represent a number of major dealers offering a large cross section of the best equipment weave.jpg (20118 bytes) available on the market today. Floor models are up and running at all times so you can try before you buy. My name is Betty Forsyth and I have been teaching professionally for the past 30 years, and take pride in providing you with a variety of lessons leading you to a life time of enjoyment in the fiber arts. I am presently enrolled in the Ontario Master Spinning Course (an 8 year commitment) and continue to seek knowledge from the Masters in this country and those who live abroad. Learning and teaching is a life long pursuit. Since we are a teaching facility, classes are on going so please feel free to call before you come so I am free to answer your questions and design a program that best fits your needs.

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