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Cotton and Flax for Spinning
 Here you see a bin full of natural cotton both plain colors and variegated. Take our 5 week cotton class and open a new world of spinning. Many people would like to be able to use this fiber in the warmer months. Let us unravel the spinning mystery for you and open this exciting fiber world to you.

Hand Painted Rovings  At right you see a small sample of the painted rovings we offer. They come in wool and silk so you can color coordinate your yarn. These can be purchased in super wash or regular roving and the variety of yarn produced from these is not only fun but different each time you do them. Give yourself a change from your norm. You won't regret it.

We have a large variety of natural colored fibers available in both fleece and roving. Rovings Shetland fleeces are grown right here on the farm and we have them available in April although many are already spoken for by then so give us a call early. Classes are offered in Shetland spinning from the regular worsted weight yarn all the way down to the tips necessary to make that cobweb or lace yarn you have been wanting for a long time.Alpaca Rovings

Fleece samples are taken off the sheep in February so you can see what will be available for that years shearing. Raw Alpaca from the UP comes in June to add to that fleece you have just purchased or spin right off the animal -- and beautiful Icelandic fleeces arrive in late November. We also carry a long list of natural fibers from England and abroad. Take our class in British Wools and learn about the variety and the methods used to spin the various fibers available from this well known textile country.

Colored WoolReady Spin in all the colors from Bullen's Wullen; excellent for color blending- as well as Pat Bullen's own video explaining and showing you a wealth of information on color blending or just spin them as they are for a wonderful world of color. We also have several heather blends of British wool by English angora, hand dyed mohair and silk. Our selection of fibers is suitable for even the most discerning fiber artist.

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