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We have selected the following companies to serve you as they stand behind their products and give you a wide selection of the available market today. Click any image for a larger view.

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ASHFORD - www.straw.com/cpy
A family business in New Zealand whose goal it was and still is to make spinning wheels available the world over. Today they have sold more spinning wheels world wide then any other dealer. They have affordable products, engineered simply and user friendly to the beginner as well as the advanced spinner. We carry their products with pride knowing they will serve our customers well

Country Craftsman


A gentleman that has made one wheel design basically for 25 years. Beautifully made and historically correct. One must spin on one to feel the ease of the pedal stroke for ultimate spinning pleasure



LOUET - www.louet.com
Trudy Van Stralen started out, much like the rest of us, and is now in charge of the Louet business that services the North American Continent. A master spinner and dyer, sought after for workshops, and equally willing to answer questions, supplies us with beautiful fiber, weaving yarns, natural dyes and a spinning wheel known for it ease in introducing spinners to the craft of spinning. The new S90 makes a compact wheel that travels with ease as it folds up and is ready to go when you are.

Baynes Spinning Wheels

Baynes Spinning Wheels was started in 1974 by Ian Baynes who still assists in the production of the wheels. It was taken over by Murray Bebbington's family. Murray was a furniture maker by trade since 1960 and it is obvious that he carried that expertise over to the wheel production. A beautifully made wheel in single or double treadle, walnut, or laquard finish and an easy travelling companion. We order them with both flyers for the maximum versitility. Definately come try one today. An excellent wheel at a reasonable price.


Schacht Spinning Wheels SCHACHT - www.schachtspindle.com
A fine quality wheel made out of hard rock maple with walnut inlay. This wheel can be easily adjusted to work as a scotch tensioned, double drive band or bobbin driven wheel. It is the only wheel that I know of on the market today that can adapt quickly and easily to all modes of spinning making it a fine choice for the spinner who wants all the options. The wheel comes in single and double treadle has a modern look and sits directly in from of the spinner.

Schacht LoomsSchacht,  well know for its quality looms, has a large selection available for you to see and try here at the Spinning Loft.  Shown is the Baby Wolf and the Wolf Pup, both foldable and able to travel to those weaving workshops as well as providing easy storage in your home.  Schacht shuttlesWe use  Schacht  4 harness looms for our weaving classes as well as  several rigid heddle looms for beginners.  It is fun and a wonderful way to turn your handspun into beautiful cloth.
A PhD in Irish History in her own right she has developed a fine line of drop spindles that come in a large variety of weights so that a specific yarn can be made by the spindliest with ease. Many of her designs reflect her knowledge of the Celtic arts and she has developed over 50 different glazes for the endless variety we all like. there are several always on display so you can try before you buy and find the one that suits your needs. We are on of the few shops in the country to have her fine spindles available to the public. 
Valkryie Combs 
We offer a wide range of accessories for the spinner and weaver. Several types of hand card, drum carders, wool combs, English combs, distaffs, jumbo and lace flyer kits, double treadle adaptions for the Ashford Wheels, wooden drop spindles to add to the Anne Grout collection, soaps, oils, woolwash, niddy noddies, oil bobbins, whorls, shuttle-stick and boat bobbins, patterns hand selected for the hand spun yarn, knitting needles, both bamboo and caasein, and bobbins for the tapestry looms. We may have missed a few but you get the idea.

Mirrix Bead Loom

MIRRIX - www.mirrixlooms.com
Wonderful tapestry or bead loom.

Designed by Claudia Chase a well known tapestry and bead weaver from the east coast, the Mirrix loom offers modern technology, easy warping and tremendous ability to tension evenly to a light weight portable loom.

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